Sport Utility Vehicle Cars Ford : Ford Kuga 2.5 (A)

It doesn’t matter whatever type of Suv Car Ford or SUV you choose; they are all powerful, handy, and adaptable. They provide you the power you need to pull a trailer, accelerate quickly enough to pass a car in front of you that is travelling more slowly, or merge onto an interstate highway. In addition to this, they provide flexible sitting arrangements, with some versions being able to accommodate up to eight people in complete ease. When you need more space in the back of the vehicle to haul stuff, you may easily create more room by folding down the seats. In addition to that, the family has just welcomed a fully electrified member.

Evaluation of a Car: the Ford Kuga 2.5 (A)


After putting up a fight for a number of years, Ford is finding it more difficult to disregard the attractiveness of the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) market in Singapore. In addition, because Ford’s rivals were developing trustworthy and appealing crossovers and SUVs, the company felt it was necessary to bring their cougar, um, I mean, their Kuga to our shores in order to attract their prospective audience.


However, the Kuga’s rivals could cry fowl and point out that the vehicle is more concerned with its rakish attractive looks than it is with providing adequate packing. What difference does it make whether it is an All-Wheel-Drive vehicle? Even if it were, it was never intended to be an off-roader. The fact that it is intended to be used mostly for traveling on paved surfaces is the primary reason for its athletic appearance rather than a more robust one.


So, what’s in it for prospective customers, exactly?

To begin, it is not an insult to suggest that we had a reasonable idea of what the Kuga would bring to the table. This dashing youngster features a chassis that is derived from the one found in the sporty Focus, which is the best in its class. Because of this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the SUV is fun to drive, with great performance and crisp handling, in stark contrast to the conventional off-road vehicles.


It’s a Ford, so that’s not the only distinguishing feature. That is to say, much like the Focus and the Mondeo, it establishes a new benchmark for its class in terms of ride quality, handling, and the overall “feel good” element behind the wheel. In addition to this, it utilizes a 2.5-liter, 5-cylinder, 20-valve, DOHC, Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Turbo engine (which can also be found in the high-performance Ford Focus ST and RS variants), making it absolutely unparalleled in its category.


There’s something special about the Kuga that sets it apart from some of its rivals. This is a vehicle that may seem comfortable and acceptable in a car park, in the city, or even in the countryside; Ford was somehow successful in achieving its goal of having the Kuga look sporty while simultaneously giving it a tough appearance. In other words, a vehicle that is suitable for every situation.


Strong wheel arches and a sloping third side window give the Kuga some character, and a high waistline rises to finish just over the rear lights that sit on each side of the tidy SUV’s back. Both of these design elements contribute to the Kuga’s overall appearance.


In addition, it has dual exhaust pipes and a silver-finished back bumper, all of which contribute to its rough appearance and set it apart from other SUVs and crossovers. Ford has done a good job, considering the vehicle has a rather boxy look, of making it stand out from the crowd by adding just the perfect number of design trinkets.


There’s no getting around the fact that the Kuga is rather attractive. The Kuga, which is Ford’s latest entrant in this fiercely competitive market, is easily distinguished from the other vehicles in its category because to the daring detailing that it has.




The Ford Kuga, much like the Ford Mondeo, has a body that has been given the name ‘Kinetic Design’ since it has been designed to appear like a Ford family vehicle. It has an attractive and more assertive appearance thanks to the sculpted bonnet, sharp and extended headlamps, and a grille in the shape of a trapezoid. At first look, its dramatic front end seems to be similar to that of the Focus; nevertheless, it is larger, broader, and, of course, more fashionable.




The inside of the vehicle continues to be a point of emphasis for the brand thanks to a level of quality and finish that elevates it to a tier above some of the most popular SUV options available in Singapore. The inside of the test vehicle is a tribute to the elegant nature of the SUV thanks to the use of leather and metallic finishes that are seen everywhere.


Because of the silver finishing on the center console and door trimmings, the interior does not convey a feeling of monotony; rather, it creates a whole, cohesive appearance of design-led excellence and luxury sportiness.


A big center console that contains the smooth-shifting five-speed Durashift automatic gearbox separates the benches in the front of the vehicle from one another. However, here’s where things become tricky: the front benches are on the narrow side. Despite the fact that it worked out well for me (because to the fact that I am larger than average), it simply doesn’t seem right and isn’t big enough. And for a person like myself, who is on the smaller side, to realize this, it could just prove to be a bit uncomfortable for drivers who are on the somewhat larger side.

Despite this, the cabin is a pleasant environment in which to spend time. The handbrake and gear selector both had a very natural feel to them, and the center console, which has a button for keyless start positioned at the top (just below the button for the warning lights), is both easy and beautiful; however, you need to be careful not to push the incorrect button.

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The designers at Ford have put in the effort to get an understanding of the market, and as a result, they have created what is quite likely one of the most compelling renditions of the SUV idea. It’s not perfect yet, but it definitely seems sturdy, powerful, and agile enough for the roads we have here.


Try this out if you’re considering upgrading from your existing Honda CR-V or Nissan Murano in the near future. You are going to be astounded by how much more the Kuga offers, not just in terms of the amount of room it provides but also in terms of the way it drives.


You get the instant impression that you are in command of a machine that has been meticulously and carefully constructed.