Top 8 Best SUVS Cars For Family 2022 – 2023

Best Suv Car For Family – Dominated by premium offerings, this chart is populated by some of the best family cars on the road – vehicles that can cope with the school run as well as tackling wintery conditions, mildly rugged terrain, trips to the tip, towing duties and long-distance motorway cruising.

It’s a hotly contested and strategically important segment where style, safety and space rank at the top of the agenda for buyers and often room for seven occupants is required.

Despite a lack of variety in the styling and approach taken by many, it’s now a fairly diverse segment that has attracted different brands into the fold of SUV making.

Many models are now available as tax-friendly plug-in hybrids, too, as manufacturers scramble to grab a bigger slice of the increasingly emissions-conscious fleet market.

Here are our favourites.

1. Audi Q5

suv car family audi

It is difficult to find flaws in a vehicle that is so refined and perfect in every way as the Audi Q5, but the fact that it has handling that is just average will keep it from truly appealing to drivers who are more passionate about their vehicles. Despite this drawback, the Q5 has been able to replicate the sales success of its predecessor, which was a vehicle that became the best-seller in its class in almost all of the countries in which it was available.

2. The Land Rover Discovery Sport

suv car family discovery

Although the Discovery Sport is the most affordable Land Rover in the dealership’s lineup, it does not skimp on the capability, comfort, or allure that are hallmarks of the Land Rover brand.

Although it received a facelift for the 2019 model year, the Discovery Sport now rides on the same PTA platform as the Range Rover Evoque. Despite this, it hasn’t sacrificed any of the qualities that made the original model so appealing. It nevertheless rides higher than many of its competitors, has greater visibility and four-wheel drive capabilities than many, and has a driving experience that is more reminiscent of a conventional SUV than other models, while maintaining an exceptionally composed ride and handling.

3. BMW X3

suv car family bmw x3

What do you mean, you’ve got a mid-range SUV that handles really well? Before BMW began producing SUVs, the concept would have been so absurd that it would have been nearly funny, but the X3 gets handling appeal down pat.

The X3 is equipped with a powertrain that provides an abundant amount of power and excellent performance. The smaller diesel option is often a little rough around the edges, but the multi-cylinder versions of the M40d and M40i are both quick and elegant.

4. Jaguar F-Pace (New Version)

suv car family jaguar

The Jaguar F-Pace was Jaguar’s best-selling model until it was overtaken by the Jaguar E-Pace, which is a smaller SUV. The Jaguar F-Pace was Jaguar’s first SUV, and it was released to the market in 2016 with Jaguar’s typical good handling. It also had plenty of cabin space and attractive looks, which helped propel it to the top of Jaguar’s range as its best-selling model.

There are some unremarkable four-cylinder diesel engines, a slow automatic transmission, and a slightly twitchy and loud ride in certain configurations; these are just a few of the features that distract a little bit from the overall driving experience. But Jaguar did a lot to improve the appeal of the F-Pace as part of its major mid-life facelift in 2021, which included adding a much richer interior and a vastly improved infotainment system. Additionally, Jaguar added an expanded range of engines, which now includes a torquey six-cylinder mild-hybrid diesel and a six-pot plug-in hybrid gasoline engine.

5. Skoda Kodiaq

suv car family skoda

The Kodiaq is our pick for the best family SUV that is not produced by a luxury brand, and it undercuts even the most affordable of the luxurious options included on this list by a figure that is not trivial.

6. GLC Mercedes-Benz


When it comes to our second half of the top 10, the handling component is what differentiates the class leaders from the also-rans.

The refreshed GLC deserves to be in the top 10 because of its well-appointed and luxuriously comfortable cabin. Nevertheless, due to its lack of feedback from the steering wheel, it is not likely to be the first choice of enthusiastic drivers. It drives more like a car than many of the full-fledged SUVs on our list, but the standard steel coil suspension makes it ride less serenely than a Mercedes-Benz should, which makes it more difficult to recommend in its most basic configuration.

7. Alfa Romeo Stelvio


The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a fine-handling SUV that was created by using the same platform and engines that were used in the production of the Giulia sedan. Additionally, the company added some ride height, a higher hip point, and four-wheel-drive technology to the vehicle.

In addition to its remarkable handling and characteristic film-star good looks, the Alfa Romeo Giulia comes equipped with a powerful diesel engine that may be described as gruff. Unfortunately, Alfa’s concentration on great handling has resulted in a little restless ride on inferior UK roads, and parts of the interior components seem basic and cheap, much like they do on the Giulia. This is because some of the materials are shared with the Giulia.

8. Volvo XC60



At the time of its release in 2017, the Volvo XC60 was the most secure vehicle that Euro NCAP had ever evaluated, and even after all this time has passed, it is still one of the most attractive family SUVs that are now on the market.

The XC60 is not the be-all and end-all of driver appeal, but as a stylish, comfortable, and simple-to-operate family wagon, there is plenty to like about this model. Volvo has also updated its engine lineup, and as a result, all versions of the XC60 now come with an electrification option of some kind. The B-series gasoline and diesel models now include a 48V mild-hybrid design, which allows for fractional reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. However, the T6 and T8 Recharge plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) provide the most promise for low-cost operation. They do not, however, have nearly the same amount of electric-only range as their competitors.

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The market for family cars is also dominated by important players such as connectivity and comfort. Wi-Fi connections within the vehicle, USB outlets in the back seats, and even heated and ventilated seats in the back are now all options. All of our award winners, with the exception of two, feature built-in Wi-Fi. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on each vehicle, allowing for improved communication with smartphones. There are sunshades in the back seats of the Passport, Telluride, Highlander Hybrid, and Odyssey, which help to keep passengers in the back seats cool. Every single winner, with the exception of the Honda Odyssey, has rear seats that can be heated, and every single winner has more than one USB port accessible in the middle or rearmost row of seating.

The diesel variants also provide a respectable level of refinement and performance, and the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is more assured and drivable than the conventional hybrid vehicle.

It may be argued that selecting it would be more of a logical decision than selecting any other vehicle on this list, although there isn’t much of a problem with that.