The Best Choice Of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) For Seats

Best Suv Car Seats – If you judge by the popularity boom of SUVs, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, they appeal to a wide range of various sorts of families, and car manufacturers are coming out with new models quicker than you can say, “You forgot the baby bag?!”

SUVs, ranging from full-size to subcompact, have a lot to offer in terms of comfort, value, and room, in addition to degrees of cool utility that are not comparable to those of minivans. But which ones are the most suitable for use in car seats? We haven’t driven every SUV available on the market, but we have tried a good number of them, and the information that we’ve gathered might serve as a good starting point for anyone looking to buy a vehicle for their family.


The following is a summary of the highest-scoring SUVs for the model years 2018 and 2019, arranged according to size:


Full-Size SUVs

When it comes to full-size cars, there is seldom a problem with the amount of space available in the rear seats, but accessibility issues with the latch-anchors and top tether anchors are commonplace. An SUV had to get only A marks across the board in order to be considered for inclusion on this list. The only areas in which a B grade was acceptable were the booster seat and the third-row access. The Ford Expedition was the only full-size SUV that met those standards and shown that it was worth its weight in terms of the safety of its car seats.




Three-row sport utility vehicles

Again, it’s unusual for a three-row SUV to have space concerns, so we concentrated our efforts on making the lower Latch and higher tether anchors as accessible as possible and as simple to use as possible. In the same way as previously, an SUV had to get perfect scores across the board in order to be eligible for inclusion on this list. The only areas in which a score of B was acceptable were the booster seat and the third-row access.


Nissan Murano


Mid-Size SUVs

In order to make it into this list, a vehicle has to achieve a grade of A for both its interior space and its ease of access and usage of the latches and tethers. To reiterate, we decided to give the booster a grade of B.


Acura RDX


SUVs with a compact size

The problem of insufficient room in rear seats is becoming more prevalent in SUVs. A small SUV had to get grades of A or B for the amount of space it offered and the simplicity with which it could connect to other vehicles; a grade of C would have disqualified it from consideration for this list.


Lexus UX

A car seat in the backseat of a 2019 Lexus UX

Subcompact SUVs have even less inside room than their more conventionally sized counterparts, although they often provide just enough for a couple or a young family. It is not possible for a subcompact SUV to make it into this list if it receives a grade lower than an A or B for the amount of space it provides and the simplicity with which it may be connected.


The Best Cars and SUVs That Can Fit Three Car Seats in a Row


At the In-Car Safety Centre, we are often questioned about the best way to transport three children in a single row using three separate car seats. A good many of parents assume that the space in their vehicles ought to be enough for this. However, there are certain automobiles in which it is simply not feasible to do so. This is the case the majority of the time.


Let’s not bother defining what a “family automobile” is since it varies depending on the person, the family, and the company. To illustrate, automakers could market a vehicle as suitable for a family, but the vehicle might really be geared for the needs of adults. On the other hand, even automobiles that aren’t ideal for families sometimes come equipped with Isofix connectors for child safety seats.


In most autos, there are five different seating positions available. It’s possible that people carriers provide seven different seating options. There are automobiles now available for purchase that do not permit the installation of a Child Restraint System (CRS) in the front passenger seat, and there are other automobiles that do not permit seats to be installed in the third row of a 7-seater people carrier. It may be hard to believe, but there are certain automobiles on the market that do not permit a child restraint system to be installed in the middle seat of a vehicle with five seats.


Therefore, refrain from making any presumptions. You need to look in the handbook of your vehicle to see what can be done and in what position it may be done. In a similar vein, check the manual for your car to determine what items are prohibited from usage there.


The following is a list of automobiles that we believe should be able to comfortably seat three children in the CRS. The list is neither comprehensive, nor does it provide any kind of assurance. The fitting will be determined based on the type of seats that are being utilized.


vehicles with a second row that can carry three adult passengers in “full” individual seats

  • – Only the most recent iteration of the Audi Q7, manufactured after 2017
  • – Citroen C4 Picasso (5 seats)
  • Grand Picasso Citroen C4 (7 seats)
  • – S Max from Ford
  • – Ford Galaxy
  • – Peugeot 5008
  • – Renault Scenic (5 seats)
  • – Renault Grand Scenic (7 seats)
  • – VW Touran
  • – VW Sharan
  • – Seat Alhambra


Vehicles that feature an extra row of seats, although those seats aren’t usually designed to accommodate kid safety seats:

  • – Audi Q7
  • – BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer
  • – BMW X5
  • Grand Space Tourer by Citroen
  • – Citroen Berlingo
  • – S Max from Ford
  • – The C Max from Ford
  • – Grand C Max from Ford
  • – Ford Galaxy
  • – Ford Tourneo (Tourneo)
  • – Hyundai i800
  • – Land Rover Discovery (Landrover) (7 seat option)
  • – Land Rover Discovery Sport (Sport) (7 seat option)
  • – Mercedes Vito
  • – Peugeot 5008
  • – Renault Grand Scenic
  • – Seat Alhambra
  • – SKODA Kodiaq
  • – Vauxhall Combo
  • – Volkswagen Sharan
  • – Volkswagen Transporter
  • – Volvo XC90


What if my automobile is too small to accommodate three cars in a row?

It is not always feasible for families that find themselves in the position of having a difficult automobile to simply swap the car. Altering the CRS is a potential solution that should be considered in certain cases.


There is also the possibility of going with the RiveMove as an option. This device moves the CRS 7 centimeters closer to the door by using the Isofix position. It is an excellent idea that has the potential to provide some much-needed flexibility in precarious circumstances with car seats.