Top 7 Best Compact SUVs Cars And Driver

Best Compact Suv Car And Driver – The proliferation of compact sport utility vehicles (SUVs) is good news for all of us because it means that car manufacturers have made these models more capable and enjoyable to operate. There are a number of vehicles in this segment that offer more cargo space than sedans, and there is even one that has an engine that produces 302 horsepower!

Because shopping for a compact SUV in the market today can feel like navigating a labyrinth, we’ve ranked all of the available choices from worst to best to make the process more manageable. Interested in something bigger or smaller? Additionally, we have ranked those.

1. Mazda CX-5

2022 mazda cx5 front exterior

The Mazda CX-5 impresses with its opulent feel and surprisingly reasonable pricing. However, this Mazda provides more than just a comfortable and well-appointed ride; in fact, driving the CX-5 is a pleasurable experience in and of itself. Buyers have the option of selecting either a 187-horsepower 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine or a 256-horsepower turbocharged 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine, both of which are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. All models come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard.


Base price: $27,125

Combined, city, and highway fuel economy according to the EPA: 26/24/30 mpg (2.5L)

The industry standard is all-wheel drive.


2. Volkswagen Tiguan

2022 volkswagen tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is among the most spacious options available in this market segment. In point of fact, it is capacious enough to accommodate even a cramped third-row seat in a few of the available variants. Front-wheel drive, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 184 horsepower, and an automatic transmission with eight gear ratios are all standard features.

However, the Tiguan’s heft makes the powertrain feel like it is struggling to keep up, and this is especially true when the SUV is fitted with the all-wheel-drive system that is an available option. The cabin of the Volkswagen Tiguan, much like the cabins of other Volkswagen vehicles, is comfortable but lacks any genuine sense of elegance.


Base price: $27,865

Combined, in the city, and on the interstate, the EPA fuel economy rating is 26/23/30 mpg (FWD)

There is the option of all-wheel drive.


3. Hyundai Tucson

2022 hyundai tucson phev

For the 2022 model year, the Hyundai Tucson received an extensive redesign that was carried out by Hyundai. In addition to its striking new appearance, the model now offers a gasoline-electric hybrid as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain as available options. For propulsion, the base gasoline versions get their power from a clumsy 187-horsepower, 2.5-liter I-4. It is mated to an automatic gearbox that has eight speeds, and this gearbox sends power to the front wheels.

However, all-wheel drive can be selected as a preference. According to the EPA, the hybrid configuration generates 221 horsepower, while the plug-in hybrid generates 261 horsepower and offers up to 33 miles of driving range using only electric power. All-wheel drive is a standard feature on both of these vehicles.


Base price: $27,045

Combined, city, and highway EPA fuel economy: 38/38/38 miles per gallon (Hybrid)

There is the option of all-wheel drive.


4. Honda CR-V

2021 honda cr v

The Honda CR-V is not the most athletic or attractive compact SUV on the market, but it is certainly one of the most well-rounded. The CR-V comes standard with a 190-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine and one of the most advanced continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) on the market today. All-wheel drive is standard on the more powerful version of the gasoline-electric CR-V Hybrid, which produces 212 horsepower, although it is an available extra for the model with fewer horsepower.

The entry-level CR-V LX comes standard with an infotainment display measuring 5.0 inches. However, all other trim levels come equipped with a touchscreen measuring 7.0 inches and integrating both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Base price: $27,625

Combined, city, and highway fuel economy according to the EPA: 38/40/35 mpg (Hybrid)

There is the option of all-wheel drive.


5. Ford Bronco Sport in Sport trim

2021 ford bronco sport

The Ford Bronco Sport is the only car on this list that has a bottle opener integrated into the liftgate, so it’s quite obvious that it’s here for the party. Its good aesthetics are matched by its impressive capabilities, and despite their dissimilar exteriors, the Ford Bronco Sport and the Ford Escape both use the same platform. Both the standard engine, a turbocharged three-cylinder with 181 horsepower, and the optional engine, a four-cylinder with 250 horsepower, come with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

There is a touchscreen measuring 8.0 inches installed with Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system, which comes equipped with connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the most recent round of our competition to determine the best compact crossover, a Ford Bronco Sport Badlands finished in second place, behind only the Mazda CX-5. It was unable to compete with the Mazda CX-5 in terms of comfort and performance on paved roads, so it finished behind the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.


Base price: $29,860

Combined, city, and highway fuel economy according to the EPA: 26/25/28 mpg

The industry standard is all-wheel drive.


6. Toyota RAV4

2022 toyota rav4 xse hybrid cavalry blue

For the 2022 model year, the Toyota RAV4 receives just minor revisions to its exterior and interior. RAV4s powered solely by gasoline will continue to be equipped with a four-cylinder engine producing 203 horsepower and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Models of the RAV4 Hybrid come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard and are powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain that is capable of producing a maximum of 219 horsepower.

The RAV4 Prime is the version that packs the most punch. This variant is a plug-in hybrid and has a total output of 302 horsepower. The somewhat high level of noise produced by this well-rounded compact SUV’s four-cylinder engine is our only significant gripe with the vehicle. We feel that there is an excessive amount of noise coming into the cabin.


Base price: $28,190

Combined, in the city, and on the interstate, the EPA estimated a fuel economy of 40/41/38 mpg (Hybrid)

There is the option of all-wheel drive.

7. Nissan Rogue

2021 nissan rogue

A new powerplant will be available for the Nissan Rogue in 2022. It will be a turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three engine with 201 horsepower and Nissan’s variable compression ratio technology. As in the past, the only transmission option available is a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which can send power from the engine to either the front wheels of the SUV or, as an alternative, to all four wheels of the vehicle using the all-wheel-drive system that is optionally available on the Rogue.

It’s possible that the Rogue won’t become the benchmark for compact SUVs, but it’s undeniably a strong contender in this segment thanks to its ergonomic cabin, which is outfitted with materials that are on par with the competition and has reasonable room for both passengers and cargo.


Base price: $28,375

Combined, city, and highway fuel economy according to the EPA: 33/30/37 mpg (FWD)

There is the option of all-wheel drive.

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